Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hot Laps of Tiger anyone?

It can be done!! Tiger Mtn's Preston Railroad trail is 13 miles of technical single track with 2,500 feet of climbing. Last year the fastest I was able to ride it was 1:06. And I have yet to hear of anyone riding it in under an hour - so that seemed like a nice little goal - even if I only get to attempt it a couple times a year. Today's conditions weren't perfect for the attempt. It rained last night. This makes the extremely rooty and rocky trail more dangerous than normal. This caused me to ride a little more causious than normal. Even with a crash, a stop to check my tire and riding off the trail once, I was able to get that down to 1:02. Now I know it can be ridden in under an hour, gate to gate.

**There are some really fast XC riders in Seattle so post a comment if you've done this loop in under an hour will ya!? I wanna hear what the fastest time is!

Didn't accomplish the goal of my training today but I was able to ride the Preston loop 4 times. My totals were 52 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing in about 4:51. I did stop between laps to refill my bottles and eat a bit. With the exception of two Hammer Gels, I was on a liquid diet only today. First lap was Hammer Heed, my preferred fuel for under 2hrs.. then after that I used Hammer Sustained Energy and Hammer Perpetuem (which have a protein in them). I am trying to figure things out for Worlds!.

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