Sunday, July 23, 2006

still NOT there

Well for weeks after Primal Quest I was tired all the time. Last week I welcomed back my saddle sores and got after it a bit.
Tues: rode 61 miles
Wed: rode 101 miles
Thurs: rode 10 miles, 1hr run
Fri: rode 56miles, 2hr paddle, weights

I’m excited to train again, which is nice. However I have some nagging little injuries I am trying to let heal (ball of left foot and my right knee, yes the bad one). I even turned down a 30 mile run on the PCT with Stamstad. So I took today completely off and did… nothing. It’s not as easy as it sounds for me. Thoughts creep into my head that I’m not working hard enough, that I need to be out training, etc. So I spent some time writing my weekly goals down – the one I’m most excited about is getting “at least 3 yoga classes this week”, the one I’m least excited about (because I’ve had such a hard time with it) is “following my proper training diet”.

I’ll have this week to train hard then I’ll have to taper next week for my next race – Raid the North 36 hour adventure race in Kamloops, BC. The Raid the North races are the premier adventure races in Canada - rugged, hardcore, real navigation and real tough. Last year this race was in Nelson, BC. We won it after being bluff charged by a grizzly bear, and narrowly avoiding being crushed by a 500 lbs boulder. The Squamish Cheif wrote an article on how we "demolished" last years race. It was an epic battle and an awesome win for DART-nuun.

My girlfriend Krissy Moehl is a couple of days away from starting her epic journey of fast-packing the 478 miles of the Colorado Trail in 15 days (avg 31.4miles/day). Joining her is Andrew Skurka, who last year hiked the 7,778 miles across North America from the Eastern most point to the Western most point. Needless to say she’s in good company.

What can you say about Floyd Landis, the 2006 Tour De France winner (other than he looks like Kid Rock)? If you didn’t follow the tour you missed an unbelievable performance. What he did on Stage 17 was simply amazing.

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