Saturday, July 29, 2006

NORBA 24hr Nationals - Eatough in lead

Chris Eatough, 6 time 24hr Solo World Mountain Bike Champion is leading the NORBA Nationals. I raced in this race last year and placed 6th (it was also my first ever 24hr race). Eatough dropped out from hyponatremia. This year he's hammering on the field so far. Nat Ross is 35 minutes behind him and he's lapped 3rd place (!!) Mark Hendershot. Their Team Trek Manager is giving live audio updates every couple of laps on this site ( Damn I wish I was there competing against these guys! But alas I have to split my time and energy between the two mistresses I love so much - Adventure racing and 24hr solo mtn bike racing.

* update: Eatough is the 2006 24hr Solo NORBA National Championshion. He's amazing! Also adventure racer extraordinaire Rebecca Rusch won the woman's division - way to go Rebecca!

  1. Chris Eatough
  2. Nat Ross
  3. Mark Hendershot

Interesting to not that Cameron Chambers, last years National Champion was 15th this year.
Check the full results here. Here is an interesting report from Sloane Anderson - sounds like the weather kind of messed the placement and results up a bit... that is a bummer.

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