Wednesday, July 26, 2006

nice run on no sleep

PCT on no sleep? Yeah what was I thinking..? I wasn't - my body said to do it.

Well I'm back, I mean fully back.

We LOVE nuun!
Monday had a great 56 mile road ride after yoga and a 2hr paddle. On the road ride I just felt good again, it's been too long. I was charging up hills, doing speed bursts and everything. I started to think it was the Hammer Gel, because I usually use Perpetuem. So many factors go into how you feel on a training session it's hard to say really, but one thing is for sure I'm no longer the tired dud I was after Primal Quest.

Yesterday I met some teammates,

Let's face it, Glenn Rogers if BUFF!
Glenn, Fleming and Aaron Rinn at NWOC for a 2:15 paddle. From there I did a 100 mile road ride and it felt great in this amazing Seattle weather. I get home from 8+ hours of training and eventually lay down to sleep at 1am, but I can't sleep. I had energy all the sudden.. didn't know what to do - so I ate - and I ate a lot. Then tried again to sleep until about 4am when I called it quits, got up and got on email. I had planned a run on the Pacific Crest Trail for tomorrow - but on no sleep? after a big day? Sounded stupid but at 5:30am this morning I got in the car and headed East to Snoqualmie Pass on no one minute of sleep. I have had the PCT on my brain for a number of reasons:
  1. I recently watch a documentary called "The Runner" about David Horton's attempt to set speed record on the PCT. He did it in 66 days, setting the record for covering the trail from Mexico to Canada. Krissy was one of his support people and ran with him during the record attempt.
  2. Krissy fast packing the Colorado Trail made me think.. "I need an epic like that, and not in a race". We discussed some options, one of which involves the PCT.
  3. Stamstad had asked me to join him on a 30 miler heading North on the PCT from Snoqualmie to Park Lakes. After seeing this photo of John on the trail last year, I immediately regretted not joining him.

So around 6:30am this morning having not slept or recovered from a big day I headed out on this beautiful trail. I headed South to Mirror Lake from Snoqualmie for a 5,200 foot climb, 17 mile out and back. The wild flowers on the trail won me over right off the bat (damn I need to replace the digital camera that got stolen from my luggage!). It was all me, didn't see a soul for the first two hours. There is just something about being out there that I love, just you and the trail.

So go.. get out there and do a trail run - right now! I'm taking a nap.

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