Thursday, July 27, 2006

Floyd, say it ain't so

Did Floyd Cheat?!

On a side note another interesting article for fellow geeks on Caffeine and performance. After Primal Quest I quit caffeine again. My energy was low from the race and the lack of caffeine was like a knockout punch to nap-ville (never got any headaches though). It's been over two weeks and I'm now back to normal and don't really miss it - other than the ritual of the morning cup of joe. I think I'll stick with the occasional morning cup of green tea instead.. but during races all rules are gone - I'll pop no-doze like tick tacks and wash 'em down with Red Bull if that's what it takes.

Duncan just sent me these photos (thanks D):

Primal Quest - Krissy, me and Duncan enjoying the after party (no Krissy is not stoned!)

This one is from the 24hr NORBA Regional Championship. Krissy, me and Matthew Noel walking back to our pit from the finish line.

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