Sunday, July 2, 2006

First time out since Primal Quest

Getting back into the swing of things slowly. We came off the course at 12:30pm on Thursday after 4.5 days of racing. It's now three days later and my recovery is coming along alright. I have some blisters still healing, but the worst part is the ulcers in my mouth. Apparently stress and sleep deprivation cause the bad bacteria to overwhelm the good bacteria in your mouth and you get ulcers. It had progressed so much on course that everything I ate or drank hurt. Even water hurt my mouth, so I took to sucking on little pieces of twislers until they were tender enough to chew. I've had these race induced ulcers a few times before during races or super long training sessions but nothing like this. It's was no fun. Even now three days after the race most everything hurts to eat or drink. Salty, hot or cold foods or drink are out of the question.

Today I woke up at noon, sat by the pool, did some errands and by 7:30pm or so I was ready for my first exercise since Primal Quest - with ibuprofen of course. Krissy and I ran about 45 mins out and back at Negro Bill's Canyon in Moab. I felt better than expected although my blisters hurt with every foot strike and were terribly painful on the downhills.. however things are getting better. Boo hoo right?

I'm having trouble writing about Primal Quest right now. Ryan narrowly avoided dying (heat stroke has an 80% mortality rate) and it's just too overwhelming a topic for me right now.

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