Thursday, July 13, 2006

Almost there

Started the long drive home from Moab on July 4th. Krissy and I stopped in SLC for a couple hour run up Mill Creek, which is part of the Wasatch Front 100 mile ultra race. Amazingly beautiful trail, but I've felt better. We then stopped in to see Roch Horton and Catherine, friends of Krissy's, for dinner. From there we headed home to Seattle.

We got back last Thursday July 6th. Since arriving home I've done very little other than rest. I somehow got a 22 mile run in on Saturday with Krissy and Carol, but the last few miles were not pretty (thanks for waiting for me girls!). From there I decided a couple of things; I'm quiting caffeine (again) and I'm listening to my body. So my days since have looked like this: get up after 8-9 hrs of sleep, eat, check email, do some work, eat, nap, eat, nap, eat, nap.. ok well maybe not that many naps, but I've certainly been eating that often. My mouth ulcers have healed but the top of my tongue does not feel the same, almost like some of the nerves are dead.

My feet have healed up pretty well although I have one pinky toe hanging on, my left one decided it was time to go a few days ago (check the gross photo!). The combo of quiting caffeine and recoverying from the race has been very very hard mentally for me to deal with. I have done basically no working out and I have a race in two days!! A team of DART-nuuners are racing in the TRIOBA 12hr on Saturday - we all raced in Primal Quest although on all different teams.. if ever our team was vulnerable, and beatable in a local race it's right now - so bring it this weekend if you wanna chance at the Pacific Northwest Title baby!

Today I awoke feeling pretty rested. It's now 1:05pm and I haven't napped yet! I'm even planning to put the lycra on, but no promises.
** Updated ** I napped at 4pm and did in fact put the lycra on for a ride around Lake Union around 9pm last night... I'm getting there.

The Hardrock 100 ultra is considered the hardest 100 mile ultramarathon on the planet with 34,000 feet of elevation gain (yes just gain) in 101 miles I won't argue. Starting in Silverton, CO it also goes as high as 14,000 feet once and over 13,000 feet many many times - it's bad ass! It starts tomorrow (friday) and they have live updates - so check it out. Keep an eye on Roch Horton who Krissy is pacing... he'll be in the top 5 probably.

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