Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Couple Bonks for Breakfast

Up at 5am. Ran a 12 mile loop at Cougar with Krissy. Other than having no get up and go the legs, I felt alright. Then I rode home from Cougar going through Renton and around the bottom of Lake Washington. I bonked hard before I even got to the lake. Ate everything I had with me, finished a bottle of HEED, and ate my two Hammer Gels. I was fine for another hour or so. I had to make it home in time to eat and ride to SMB to teach my spin class so I was pushing the pace.. not a good idea. About 45 min from my house got hit again. All I could think about was eating my Yuppie Grape Nuts with Rice Dream and a handful of raw almonds (could there be a better meal?). After 12 miles of trail running (1,900 feet of gain) and 35 miles of road riding on very little food I was feeling weak and dizzy. I stumbled into the house and started eating everything in sight. I did make it to class and had Rice Dream burps for the whole hour of class. Some lessons I need to keep learning over and over again I guess.

Went to see
Varekai last night... not only did the circus folk NOT smell like cabbage, but the show was absolutely mind blowing! Go see this if you can - these athletes are amazing.

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