Monday, May 29, 2006

NORBA Northwest Regional / WA State Championship 24-hour Mtn Bike Race

I am writing this blog on a plane from Seattle to Traverse City, MI where I’ll be reporting on the Michigan Coast to Coast Expedition Adventure Race for Yesterday at noon I finished the NORBA NW Regional Championship/WA State Championship 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Race. The plane seats, although well cushioned cannot comfort the pain I have in my ass from 24-hours in the saddle. This morning when I got out of bed my eyes were almost swollen shut. My hands, feet and legs are also still noticeably swollen and I am dreadfully tired even after a full nights sleep. All this pain for a chance to be the NORBA Regional and Washington State Solo 24-hour Mountain Bike Champion. I’m writing a full race report for in the next day or so but here are the basics.

First and foremost – THANK YOU goes to my crew. Ultra distance endurance sports are selfish endeavors in many ways. Asking someone to give up their Memorial Day weekend to help you accomplish your goals is a LOT to ask and I can’t thank my crew enough - they are special friends. Krissy Moehl, Matthew Noel, Chantrelle Johanson and lil’ baby Wilder were amazing – by far the best crew ever. Without their help I could not have done what I did.

This year’s course was 15 miles long, one mile longer than last years loop. The trail is mostly smooth flowey single-track, with occasional rocky sections and a couple steep up hills. “Devil’s Up” and “Devil’s Down” were the hardest parts of the course because they were very steep and had lots of loose rock.

Because of my great crew I could focus on the goals, staying steady, riding my race and riding as many laps as I could. In the end I managed to ride 18 laps, 270 miles and win the Men’s Championship by two laps.

I have to thank my sponsor Hammer Nutrition/E-Caps for their continued support! Their products fueled me through this race – they make the best products out there. Also my Turner bikes with FSA components performed so well my mechanic actually said "the bikes are perfect? Are you sure? Dude I'm bored".

My Gear:
Bikes: Turner Nitrous and Turner Flux w/FSA components
Fuel: Mainly Hammer Perpetuem, HEED and Gel
Pills: Endurolytes, Race Caps
Glasses: Rudy Project Rydon

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