Friday, April 21, 2006

SMB Fitness Test

OK I’ll start with my excuse. This was a big week of training. I had four days this week with over four hours of training and yesterday I rode 60 miles. So today was the Sound Mind and Body Fitness Test. I work at this gym twice a week teaching cycling class… yeah that’s right, headset, lycra and all. They have strict guidelines about how fit their employees have to be, we are examples after all right?

I really had no idea what I was in for when I arrived. To pass the test your score had to fall within the acceptable range of fitness. My goal was to top the charts in everything and score the highest ranking if I could.

1 Mile Run: We started with a mile run on the Burke Gilman trail, a marked ½ mile out and ½ mile back. I ran that the fastest of the group in 5:27 but I can certainly run faster, (see above excuse) seriously my legs were tired.

11 Pullups: Next we did pull-ups, to get the highest score you had to do 11 – piece of cake.

11 Dips: No problem

Stretch 21 inches: Feeling a bit tight from my ride I was still able to manage 22.5

Situps: 3 types, straight up, hands behind head and with a stick.. highest score if you could do it with the stick and your elbows out – wasn’t very hard actually. This test seemed to be off a bit.

51 Pushups: You had to do 51 pushups in under two minutes with your chest hitting your partners fist every time down to assure you weren't cheating. I just did them all at once without resting then callapsed after 51. This was pretty hard.

Back extensions: With someone sitting on your legs you had to hold a back extension straight out for three minutes to get the highest score. I think everyone was able to do this one.

Go give it a try and let me know how you rank!

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