Monday, April 17, 2006

First Ride on the Turner Nitrous

My best buddy and bad ass mechanic
Matthew Noell (picture from '05 NORBA Nationals with his son Wilder) has been putting my two new Turner bikes together for me. I’d love to say I have been helping, well I guess I have, but Matthew does most of the real work. The last touch for the Nitrous was putting the front derailleur on. I took care of that on Monday before I hit the trail with my new Nitrous for the first time!

Tiger Mountain’s Preston Railroad trail just reopened on April 15th for mtn bikes. I ride this trail more than any other.
It’s close, it has some climbing, some wicked single track and some challenging technical riding – it’s perfect and fun. Last year I would do some race pace training by trying to ride the 13 mile loop in under an hour. I got as close as 1:06, but I still think it’s possible. I am not the fastest out there so someone must have done it - If you have let me hear about it in the comments. This year I’m going to do it. I wasn’t feeling particularly good today and I climbed the road in 24 minutes.

The Nitrous is amazing, super nimble and a blast to ride… precision.

Worst fork ever
The frame is only 4.5 lbs. With all my carbon FSA components on it the bike is amazingly light. I am itching to take it to DHZ and weigh it. First impression: fastest XC race bike I’ve ever been on, the RP3 had absolutely no bob on the climbs and the bike is meant to go FAST. I can’t say the same for my RockShox Air Titanium. Bought it a few years ago and got a lemon. I’ve spend about $340 getting this fork rebuild on three occasions. By the time I finished the climb up the road to the trail head it was bottoming out and had no air in it.. POS. Clank clank clank all the way down. I now only buy Fox suspensions, they might be a bit heavier but they are simply better products, just ask your local bike shop guy.

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