Sunday, April 23, 2006

DART-nuun Primal Quest Training

Big fun weekend of
training for my adventure racing team DART-nuun. Not long and hard, but very specific – riverboarding and ropes training. Since this years Primal Quest will have a 5 + hour riverboarding section team DART-nuun decided that we should prepare for it.

We started Saturday with a hike up Mailbox peak. Then we met our riverboarding sponsor Art from Emergency Rescue. He designs riverboards and gear for riverboarding and was a wealth of knowledge. He taught us how to read the river and maneuver the boards through rapids. It was a blast!.

Sunday we met our ropes guy Pat,
and hit our secret ropes training spot to work on ascending fixed ropes, switching over to our rappel and rappelling back down another rope with a figure 8. Yeah for some reason Primal Quest is requiring us to use Figure 8’s rather than ATCs. After a failed attempt to paddle, RVG and I hit Tiger Mountain for a couple hours of Iverson and Preston trail. Great weekend.

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