Monday, March 13, 2006

training jibber jabber

I’m sure someone is curious what kind of days I am putting in… here is the last two, nothing special:

Run: 3:31 intensity – 18 miles 4,800 feet of gain
Bike: 1 hour easy overdistance (heart rate level 1)

Bike: 1 hour spin class (intensity), 86 minutes easy overdistance, 26 minutes of hill climbing
Run: 31 min easy level 1
Weights: 26 min (chest, abs, stretching)

Still early season so I am focusing on my base training. Base training describes my focus or goal for this time period or mesocycle. A mesocycle simply defines a period of training that has one focus or goal (typically a 4-8 week period). This is my recovery week in this mesocycle. That means this week will have my lowest total training hours of the last 4 weeks. Base training is typically long, slow, low intensity training. Although my last two days are bad examples of low intensity, they are good examples of how you do need some intensity even in your base training mesocycle. You won't see me doing any race pace at this point and the intensity work is kept to a very low percentage of my overall training. Jibber jabber.

If you don't train and you read the above text I leave you this as my apology. A confession from a doping shithead -

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