Monday, March 27, 2006

Primal Quest Horse Certification - Check

Our team’s biggest race of this season will be the Primal Quest. It’s a 7-10 day, 500mile/800km expedition adventure race. It’s has the biggest prize purse ($250,000) and usually airs on CBS during the NFL playoff season. It has become adventure racings premier race and typically it’s most difficult. To race you have to jump through many hoops, including getting six skill certifications:
1. First Aid
2. Horse Back Riding
3. Navigation
4. Climbing
5. Kayaking
6. Swimming

This weekend RVG and I traveled to Enumclaw to take care of the horse certification. Here is what we had to learn:

-Properly Saddling, mounting and dismounting
-Ability to trot-Ability to stop and turn a horse
-Ability to successfully cross a knee high, moderately moving stream riding or leading a horse
-Ability to recognize when a horse is stressed
-Show proper use of Horse Helmet, Hoof Pick, Rigging Lines and strapsfor securing gear to saddle.

I’m allergic to horse hair so I envisioned this really sucking. However horses and donkeys are amazing animals, and we had a blast learning to ride them. After that we went for a two hour run in Black Diamond.

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