Thursday, March 2, 2006

let the base training begin

Without a real “plan” Cyril and I decided to do a “longish” road ride yesterday.
I figured we’d be out for a few hours, maybe 30-50 miles. But the weather was great, sunny and 40 - 50 degrees. The Cascade Mountains in all there glory provided the background. So we just kept riding. Starting in the U-district we rode 101 miles from the city to the farm lands, with amazing views of the Cascades, Mt Si and some stinky cows. THIS is what I envisioned a day would be like when I left the “real world” for my fake one.

Some Numbers: In the 6:34 we rode (yes very slow base training) I consumed Hammer Perpetuem, Hammer Gels and some of Cyril’s nuun.

Total Calories: 869 Protein: 20.5 Carbs: 146 Fat: 15.5

I averaged 133 calories per hour.
Not even close to enough, but I felt great all day. Typically I’ll put down about 240-280 calories per hour, it’s not possible to replace the calories you use. I did feel the deficit on the last climb up to my house from Lake Union. Since we didn’t start out to do a 100 miles I didn’t have enough food with me. Today I feel great – I think this is going to be a BIG year.

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