Monday, March 13, 2006

Hunger Defines Me

I recently read this article in Dime Magazine that Kobe Bryant wrote. He starts the article with the sentence “Hunger defines me”. I am not a Kobe Bryant fan really, but you have to admire his passion and dedication. In this article he discusses what motivates him; insecurities, fear of not winning another championship, the challenge of proving his doubters wrong, etc. It’s a very interesting read. I guess insecurities can work for you at times.

This quote struck me as I can relate to the bit about leaving it on the court or in my case the course. "When they (fans) leave they’ll leave with the understanding that they have just witnessed a player give himself completely to his passion; they have just watched an athlete pour every ounce of his heart and soul out on that floor." To succeed you have to be willing to sacrifice, you have to be willing to pour every ounce of your heart and soul into what you are doing.

So... are you letting others expectations direct you? Are you giving yourself completely to your passion?

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