Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Chuckanut Run

Saturday I had some fun running with a few friends who, well let’s just say they are ultra runners, and very talented ones at that; Krissy Moehl, John Stamstad and Justin Angle. We ran the middle 18 miles (the interesting and hilly miles) of the Chuckanut Mountain 50k Trail Run. Since I’ve never been to Chuckanut Mountain I had no idea that the Chuckanut course was so awesome. There was 3” of snow up the dirt road, but most of the 18 miles was beautiful undulating trail, with a couple big climbs and incredible views of the Puget Sound and the surrounding mountains. At the end of the Lost Lake Overlook loop there was a bit of mud, so it’s doubtful there will be any course records set if the conditions don’t change this week. By the way, the record for the 50k/31 mile course with over 5,000 feet of gain was set last year by Uli Steidl at 3:43. That is fast. Chuckanut mountain is south of Bellingham, WA and the course runs through the Larrabee State Park. Since I’m not racing I am going to volunteer and help at aid station 3/4. My teammates Glenn Rogers and Tyler Patterson are racing so it will be fun to cheer them on as they come through this late race aid station suffering. =)

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