Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Adventure Racing 101 - REI Seattle

Adventure racing is an intimidating sport. You have to be able to mountain bike, trail run/bushwhack/trek, paddle a kayak, ascend and descend ropes, all while using your map and compass to navigate from one checkpoint to the next and finish the course. When I started I was very confident on my feet as well as riding a mountain bike, these are sports I already did for fun. However I had very little experience on a rope. So I sought out the proper training to learn how to ascend and rappel. AR is not rocket science, but it's nice to have someone who is experienced help you along the way.

In an effort to help the continued growth of adventure racing my team DART nuun frequently puts on adventure racing clinics. Give in to that curiosity and come check out our free class next week.

DART Adventure Racing Presents:

Adventure Racing 101
3/15/2006 Wednesday 7:00 PM
Seattle Flagship:

Is adventure (multi-sport) racing as crazy as it looks?

Members of Washington adventure racing team, DART, will pull from their years of adventure racing experiences to bring you informative tips, training advice, gear suggestions and suggestions on how to get started adventure racing. Come and get hooked up with some great resources! This is an informative discussion of gear and racing techniques.

Location: Seattle REI Meeting Room
Contact: Seattle REI 206.223.1944
Cost: Free
Registration Required? No.

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