Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Update on life and a video

DART's REI Presentation - Thursday Feb 2nd my adventure racing team DART put on an end of the year wrap up and lecture on endurance racing for the big flagship REI store in Seattle. Apparently it went very well and was standing room only with 75+ in attendance. I wish I could have been there – check out Mike Bitton’s blog for more details.

Frost Bite – My touring boots were too small in the toe box when I crossed the Teton mountain range. This meant for two days my big toes had very little circulation and were very cold. When I got home I had two black toes. At first I thought I must have frost bite, however I was then able to convince myself that it was bruising from the toes jamming into the front of the boot when I skied. Well the left toe came back to normal after a few days. After 3 weeks the right toe still has a black tip but I am confident it will come back to normal at some point, but it's been slower going. On Saturday I have to race in the cold for 24 hours straight, I will be doing everything possible to keep this toe warm. I’m researching now as well.

24 Hours of Sunlight – Today I skied for the last time before the big 24 hour ski mountaineering race in Colorado. I Ieave tomorrow for Denver where I'll stay with my homeboy P-Diddy (Andrew Price) for a couple of nights before heading out Friday. I'll be picking up my support person and amazing adventure photographer Mike Bitton at the Denver airport and then heading to Glenwood Springs, CO for the race. You can follow the race on the website.

Video - I put this video together in 5 minutes (and yes you can tell). I wanted to capture a day in the life here in Jackson Hole for those of you who never made it out here… Copson, RVG, Carey, Bobbit, Colin, Parker, etc - you know who you are. Mo betta vids to come..

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