Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh Sweet Seattle

My full race report on the 24 hours of sunlight has been published. Lou Dawson's blog has a blurb on my report as well.

I feel completely healed already. I now really think the Recover-Ease is an amazing product. After the race I had planned to return to Jackson Hole for one final week of skiing. With my toe throbbing as I started the drive back I decided that it was time to return to Seattle and let the toe heal. Another week in Jackson would mean another week of skiing (yah!) and another week before the toe starts to get better, and the very real possibility of it getting worse (boo!). OK, so I also wanted to suprise my girlfriend by showing up a week earlier than planned, on Valentine's Day.

Photo By David Bitton
The toe is doing much better. Most of the black dead skin has fallen off, and it's regained almost all of it's feeling. Sweet.

Being back in Seattle is great.. there is no snow on the ground so I can ride my road bike! Today I'll hit the pavement again and I'll throw a paddle in there as well. Tomorrow Cyril, Fleming and I are planning a mountain bike ride. Ya hear that!? Yeah that's right it's Febuary and we'll be hitting some beautiful single track followed up with a paddle. Oh sweet Seattle. Next week after my toe and blisters are healed a bit more I'll start to head up to the mountains and get some vert under my belt on the skis. I am competing in the two Life-Link Randonee Rally races in Tahoe in March.. so I can't put the skis away quite yet.

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