Sunday, January 1, 2006

Day One - Jackson Hole, Wy

I had been thinking a lot about where I would live when I arrived in Jackson. I knew the "Hostel" at the base of the Jackson Hole (ski) Resort (JHR) was $58/night. This was WAY too much. I also knew that I might be able to find a rental in the town of Jackson for around $700-$1,000/month for the month I will be here. Still too much. I was thinking I would sleep in the van some nights, at the hostel others and maybe meet someone in my Avy II or AMGA Ski Guiding class that would let me crash on their floor. It wasn't until Chantrelle said "you gotta live in the van, like a real ski bum" that I realized that was the answer. She had done this for a summer on the Cape and said that as long as you have access to a gym (shower) it's not that bad. I had already been planning on getting a gym membership for training. So I have decided to live like a "real ski bum" and live in my van. I checked out the two gym options in Jackson today, and will get a month long membership just down the road from the Park and Ride that I call home for $75. This will allow me to train, and to shower.

I felt a bit guilty today as I got out of bed in the Park and Ride at noon, but hell I needed the rest. Being sick and driving for 30 hours took it's toll on me. The Park and Ride is sweet and I'm the only one there. I half expected a cop to knock on my window at some point and tell me to leave. The only noise to bother me was the occasional bus that came through starting at 5am.

Jackson is the the epicenter of this area and the biggest town around. This is where my Park and Ride and gym are. Teton Village is at the base of JHR and is where I would stay if I could afford it. But there are no gyms, no grocery stores, etc... so most of the time I'll stay in Jackson and drive to the resort to ski.

I can't wait to get on skis! It's unreal here and the backcountry appears to be limitless.

The approach to Teton Village

The famous clock tower at JHR

The tram at JHR - this is the last year it will run

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