Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some things...

I recently visited the TRIOBA Adventure Race site to see if their 2006 race dates were up yet... and bam! I'm hit with our image on the homepage - pretty cool pic of me and Cyril. He's sucking on his hose and one could argue that I look a bit constipated. Here are the dates for 2006 - hopefully they have more long events this year than short.

  • May 20 or 21
  • July 15 or 16
  • September 9 and 10

Hart and Cyril Paddling

AR World Championships:
One of the races I've always wanted to do is the Southern Traverse, New Zealand's premiere adventure race, 400km, six days long, non stop. This year the Southern Traverse, which starts in 4 days, is also the Adventure Racing WORLD Championship race. My team DART, qualified in May by placing second at the Appalachian Extreme expedition adventure race in Maine. The problem is the cost of doing this race is HUGE... so unless a sponsor stepped up to help us get there, we could not afford to race - and that did not happen. It's really one of the big disappointments of this season. I'm not sure what more we have to do to get financial sponsorship.. seriously.

tina's blog:
My lovely girlfriend tina has just posted a blog that is a public request for us try to get on the CBS reality show the Amazing Race. I still don't know much about this show. If I can put her on my running tow and hammer out mass miles I'm in.. better yet if those miles were in beautiful and exotic places all over the world... perfect. BUT if I have to eat cow testes - forget it. If I have to embarrass myself in any way or eat anything gross - it ain't happening. More to come on this later.

Ski touring!:
What time is it?! - It's time to skin up and ski down.. time to earn your turns baby. Snow is falling in the Cascades and Mt Baker opened Tues with more snow than anyone in the WORLD! RVG and I are planning a trip to Mt Rainier for some buttery turns this weekend. Sunday I hope to get tina out on the snowshoes in the Snoqualmie area... I can't wait, I love snow.

SoloGoat blog:
I enjoy reading Ernesto Marenchin's blog. Mostly because he is what I dream of being someday, a professional athlete.. also because he is the underdog. This guy came (seemingly) out of nowhere at the 24-Hour World Championships this year to take second and give Chris Eatough (6 time World Champion) a HUGE scare. Here is another interesting read - a Nat Ross interview after the 24-Hour Mtn Biking World Championship where he gives Ernesto some well deserved props. Keep an eye on this guy.

Quote for today: "The will is everything. If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely." Henri Ducard - from the movie Batman Begins (corny source, good quote)

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